Afternoon in Port Angeles

Posted on October 10, 2013 by Max in USA, Washington

Port Angeles is a small city on the northern side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. It might actually be the largest city on the Olympic Peninsula, I’m not sure. I had not been there since I was little, when my family went on a road trip around the Olympic Peninsula, and I had forgotten all about the city. One sunny afternoon, I decided to go refresh my memory.

Date: August 2013
Location: Port Angeles, WA

Port Angeles is not much of a tourist destination, as most of the visitors in the area are going around the Olympic Peninsula or going to the famous Olympic National Park. Even so, the small city has a historic downtown by the ocean and various local art in the streets. The atmosphere of this small city was a nice change of pace for me. While I arrived too late to visit some of the local shops, I still had a relaxing afternoon walking around and seeing the many street art and old buildings in downtown. I especially liked the sand sculptures that were being displayed on the beach. They were very detailed and well-built. I wondered how long those sculptures had been on there, since none of them seemed damaged despite being in a windy spot.

I also got to eat some tasty seafood before I left the city.

I think it is worth stopping by Port Angeles on the way to the Olympic National Park or while going around the Olympic Peninsula, which is a beautiful drive if I remember correctly. There is just enough to do and see in the downtown area for a few hours, but probably no longer than that. I don’t think the sand sculptures would be there all year, but it is still nice walking around downtown and eating the seafood there.

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  1. oh ya! great seafood. that’s the only thing I remember about Port Angeles. I think all we did was eating the giant crabs, and nothing else. I like the sand sculptures too. Maybe they sprayed something on the sculptures to keep them in shape?


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